Saturday, July 13, 2013

What's the Bzz about chicken?

Usually I post my own recipes on this blog or variations of someone else's. For one thing, I love to cook. I cook every day and we rarely eat out. There are some things though, that for various reasons, I don't cook. Fried chicken is one of those. It's a lot of work, it's messy and it never tastes as good as ______'s fried chicken. Fill in the blank.

Just as a side note.....
Being a Bzz Agent means getting free stuff or coupons for free stuff and then reviewing that stuff. They say word of mouth is the best advertising and I really like being able to try new things and then let friends and neighbors and even my facebook friends know about new products and share coupons with them.

So recently I got the Kroger campaign....Kroger Fried Chicken, Kroger Kettle Chips and Coca Cola. Well, that was a pleasant surprise! The 4th of July was coming up and we were going camping in our motorhome. What could be better than that? Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! Not just any chicken dinner, but Kroger Fried Chicken. It's fresh, never frozen, hand breaded in the store and fried in 100% trans-fat free oil. Not only that, but when I went to pick it up the girl said if I would wait 4 minutes a new batch would be ready. Wow! Talk about fresh fried chicken. Luckily, the groceries were way in the back of the suv for the ride home. That chicken smelled so good, my mouth was watering.

Well, we packed up the motorhome and headed for the Georgia coast. Unfortunately, we didn't outrun the rain. We went thru some gully-washers! Did you know that Atlanta got more rain than Seattle, WA in June?
All I know is that we drove thru "can't see the road" rain for far too long. We drove for 5 1/2 hours, an hour longer than it should have been. The sun came out when we arrived. We got everything set up and let me tell you, cooking dinner was not on my list at this point. We were exhausted! So my husband says, "let's just have cold fried chicken". You didn't have to tell me twice!

So, we ended up having cold fried chicken, pasta salad and Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips. The chicken was crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside, perfectly cooked! We decided that cold fried chicken was just fine...Kroger cold fried chicken!

The food was all gone and then I remembered I was supposed to take pictures. Oh well, next time. There will definitely be a next time for Kroger Fried Chicken!!