Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday breakfast anytime!

We love Sunday morning breakfast.
I hate slaving over the stove when I would rather be reading the paper and drinking coffee.
The recipe is easy, and yes, I guess you could just throw a bag of Jimmy Dean in the pan but I like mine better and it doesn't have all those additives (except for what's in the sausage).

1 roll Jimmy Dean sausage (or whatever kind you use)

1 bag frozen chopped peppers and onions

1 bag frozen shredded potatoes

sandwich bags

Some day, when you have the time, do the following...

Crumble and cook the sausage. Then put it in a colander to drain off all the fat. When it is cool, assemble the bags. I make 2 serving bags since it's usually just the two of us, but you could make single serve. For one serving...Put 2 oz. sausage, 1/4 c. frozen peppers and onions, and 1/2 c. frozen potatoes in a bag. Press out all the air and seal flat. Stack these in a large freezer bag and put in freezer.

When you want breakfast, heat frying pan and spray with Pam. Dump in however many servings you need. I like to heat it until the potatoes get a little crispy. It just takes a few minutes because you've already done the prep work. Beat eggs in a bowl using 2 per serving. Pour eggs over sausage and vegetables and scramble. You could top with some shredded cheese before serving and/or chopped green onions, chopped tomatoes, salsa. The possibilities are endless.

There you have it. Sunday breakfast any time, in half the time!

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  1. Sunday morning breakfasts are my favorite! I love how you prep ahead of time...more time for relaxing on a Sunday morning!