Sunday, October 7, 2012

Not Mittens Burrito Bowl

Political affiliations aside...the news showed Mitt Romney stopping at a Chipotle for lunch and I got a craving for Chipotle Burrito Bowl. I rummaged thru the freezer and found the last package of copycat Barbacoa beef and a package of my homemade black beans. I also had a package of chorizo in the fridge. So here we go....

 Cilantro rice
 1 c. rice
 1 can low sodium chicken broth plus enough water to make 2 c. total liquid
 1 lime
 Cook rice and then add cilantro (a handful of fresh, chopped). Grate the lime peel and squeeze the juice
 and add to rice. Mix it altogether.

 8 oz. barbacoa beef
 8 oz. chorizo cooked and drained
 1 can Casa Mamita chopped tomatoes and green chilis (this is Aldi brand which is exceptionally flavorful) 

 Heat beef, chorizo and tomatoes.

 Heat black beans. You can use a can of black beans but homemade are so much better.

 Now get a bowl and layer cilantro rice, then beans, then beef mixture. Top with diced red onions, chopped
 green onions and shredded cheese. You could also add sour cream and guacamole.

 Serve with tortillas cut in triangles and cooked in a little hot oil until golden brown on each side.

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  1. Great! I just made fajitas last night, now I want Mexican AGAIN!! It's all your fault!